The organist Carl Adam Landström was born in Gränna in 1983. Already as a ten-year-old he played the organ after being inspired by Marianne Jansson, the organist in Grenna church, who was his musical mentor during his formative years.

At the age of seventeen, he entered the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. The Solo Organ was taught by Professor Ralph Gustafsson and Improvisation by Tomas Willstedt and Professor Stefan Therstam. After basic studies at the Royal Academy of Music, Carl Adam went on to further studies in Sweden and England with David Sanger and in France with François-Henri Houbart.

Carl Adam has been featured on numerous CDs, radio and TV recordings, and at special events such as the Nobel Banquet.

Besides his activities as a freelance soloist, Carl Adam has been an organist at Katarina Church in Stockholm. Since June 2011 he is one of the organist in St Petri Church in Malmö.

Landström has twice been awarded the Royal Music Academy scholarship and teaches at the Malmö Academy of Music.

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