During the years 2003-2005, Mark-Anthony Turnage wrote three stylistically closely linked pieces for the piano trio. A Slow Pavane, A Fast Stomp and A Short Procession. They can be played separately, or together, in which case A Slow Pavane comes first. Here, Turnage looks back at the renaissance’s noble ways and dance’s strict procedures, which he breaks up with varying tempos and syncopated rhythms. He also fills the music with a touch of melancholy, which we can recognise from fellow countryman John Dowland’s music, composed four hundred years ago.

A Fast Stomp is an energetic and relentless Scherzo. From the beginning, it was written as a preliminary study of the orchestra piece Scherzoid, and in many ways it is also a downscaled version of the orchestra music. The title refers to a section a few minutes into the piece, where the violin plays a pizzicato passage and the piano hammers out thick chords in an extreme register.

A Short Procession is mourning music for two people who, in various ways, were important to Turnage, these being Nora Moore and Katrin Cartlidge. Nora was the mother of Jonathan Moore, who wrote libretto and directed Turnage’s opera Greek. Katrin was Jonathan’s girlfriend, a brilliant actor who passed away too young. “Initially I thought the music should be slow throughout, but then I added a more dynamic middle section. Towards the end there is a short part from a beautiful Irish folk melody that I heard for the first time at Nora’s funeral. The music is a tribute to two wonderful women who impressed me,” commented Turnage himself about A Short Procession.

Getting things started and then also interweaved between Turnage’s trio is the Kungsbacka Piano Trio, with Robert Schumann’s Four Fantasiestücke (fantasy pieces)

/Göran Persson

Picture: Kungsbacka Piano Trio © Hanya Chlala/ArenaPAL

WED 19 SEP 12.15 p.m. Palladium Malmö

Lunch concert
Free entry – first come, first served!
Doors and café & bar open 11.15 a.m.


Robert Schumann Fantasistücke Op 88 No. 1 Romanze
Mark-Anthony Turnage
A slow Pavane
Robert Schumann
Fantasistücke Op 88 No. 2 Humoresque
Mark-Anthony Turnage
A fast Stomp
Robert Schumann
Fantasistücke Op 88 No. 3 Duett
Mark-Anthony Turnage
A short procession
Robert Schumann
Fantasistücke Op 88 No. 4 Finale

Kungsbacka Piano Trio
Malin Broman, violin
Jesper Svedberg, cello
Simon Crawford-Phillips, piano