Thank you all who made Malmö Chamber Music to a fantastic festival! Audience, artists, staff, partners, and of course our Artistic Director Håkan Hardenberger made these days unforgettable! We got fantastic reviews that you can read below.

We hope to see you again next year! September 19-23, 2017

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Radio broadcasts:

Swedish Radio P2 Opening concert Sept 21, 2016

Swedish Radio P2  Malmö Chamber Music 2016


Hakan Hardenberger Photo: Marco Borggreve

Håkan Hardenberger
Photo: Marco Borggreve

The chamber – the innermost space of the heart. The source of life, of our deepest emotions… and music.

In an intimate space, long before the symphony and far from today’s massive loudspeakers and arenas, the composer is challenged to use the most delicate of instruments. Every tiny interaction of the musicians – a glance, a heartbeat – fills the space, and every sigh or smile from the audience pulsates back to the musicians.

Is it excluding, this picture of intimacy? Not here, not in this space. In Malmö we have a chamber music hall of the highest international class – aesthetic beauty and exceptional acoustics inspire the intimate. Palladium is our heart, our inner chamber. We tend the flames of tradition with the Salomon Smith Chamber Music Society and the opulence of St Petri cathedral. And to shake things up we have Klubb Krinolin blazing trails in trendy Möllevången, proving that Malmö is our ‘Little Berlin’.

Now it is my great honour, with deepest gratitude to Musik i Syd, to help fill these generous chambers. Friends and colleagues from all over the world are invited to perform the classical canon alongside unique rarities and music so fresh the ink is not yet dry.

Welcome to the heart of the music!
Håkan Hardenberger, Artistic Director Malmö Chamber Music

Listen to the music!

Along with IDAGIO (a platform for classical music) we made playlist for Malmö Chamber Music. Here you will find 400 minutes of music to enjoy!