2 - Absurdity
3 - You're an Asshole, Superman
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4 - Nobody Gives High-Fives Quite Like Death
Thank you for coming to the website for Malmo. Over the course of the next several weeks, this site will slowly be built. Eventually, you will be able to download songs, find lyrics, view my recommended beginner acoustic guitars look at pictures I've taken, sip the coffee I brewed, and read whatever the hell I decide to write about in this spot. For now, you can find tracks 2, 3, and 4 from the album Post at the bottom of the page. The other tracks of the album(1 and 5) have not been finished yet. I was able to use some instruments such as this FL Studio MIDI, and hopefully, I will get to start recording them over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy! Or not, but please email me with comments. And tell your friends about this site.

Thank you,
1 - When Did I Wake Up?
5 - You Are! You Are!